Equipment & machinery

Self-independent in-house laboratory in the factories both in China and Vietnam.

Fabric from sampling to finishing stage is tested in in-house laboratory ensuring the quality.

Core Competences Equipment

All-in-one capabilities & facilities:

  • Weft and Wrap Knitting

  • Dyeing

  • Finishing

  • Testing

  • Sampling

Research and Development

Innovative projects

High temperature molding technique

  • solve elongation performance
  • yellowing control
  • preventive blue/black spots
  • colour stable and fastness
  • assist customer solving molding problem


Zero water dyeing technique

  • 2012 joined the feasibility study with Semi government body and universities.
  • 2015 fabric dyeing in test
  • 2016 commercialize fabric dyeing mop up
  • 2019 yarn dyeing under preparation


Explore functional fabric

  • explore special functional fabric
  • innovate fabric for various application